[Captions Available] Gameloft is a French video game publisher based in Paris, founded in 1999. The company presently operates 21 development studios worldwide, and publishes games with a special focus on the mobile games market. Since the beginning Gameloft has strived to bring quality and great user experience to theirRead More →

For game artists and developers who are new to Houdini, this presentation will introduce you to the concepts and ideas that make Houdini, and its procedural node-based workflow, the perfect solution for creating next level game art. You will also learn how to access Learning Paths for building up yourRead More →

Create realistic terrains for your games using Houdini’s height field tools. Starting from scratch, you will add patterns, noise and 3D projections to shape the terrain, then erosion tools to create added levels of realism. You will then learn how to scatter points to populate the terrain with trees, rocks,Read More →

Discover ways to rapidly create variants of game assets using Houdini’s procedural workflow. Explore methods for generating textures and geometry by iterating over value ranges (wedging). Learn how to using Houdini Engine and Hqueue for efficient batch processing, and see the resulting assets in Unreal Engine.Read More →

New Reality Co., creators of the critically-acclaimed and haptically enhanced cinematic VR experiences Giant and Tree, will outline their utilization of Houdini in their first two projects, and their plans for incorporation in their next project, Breathe, which will be the final part of the trilogy. Co-Founder’s Milica Zec andRead More →

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