London’s ETC showcases two of their recent projects – an animated ad for Freeview, and a music video for Massive Attack. ETC uses Houdini as the backbone of their production pipeline to maximize efficiency so their artists can focus on creating outstanding work.Read More →

We speak with Ewan Croft, Eugene Kuczerepa and Martin Ruzicka from Hangar 13 on how they use Houdini for gamedev, including in their latest release, Mafia III – where the main character Lincoln Clay seeks revenge in the city of New Bordeaux. Hangar 13 uses Houdini for rigid body andRead More →

When upgrading their animation pipeline, Montreal’s SHED Animation evaluated several software platforms. They selected Houdini based on its non-destructive workflow and integrated end-to-end pipeline feature set. SHED used the development of their animated short teaser “Outside” as the first project to transition to the new pipeline.Read More →

When learning any skill – from violin to golf to software – there can be a moment in time when something ‘clicks’ and you feel a sense of “ahhha, now I get it”. The aha force is strong in people learning and working with Houdini, and we’ve heard this overRead More →

Recording of webinar from Tues, April 11, 2017 – SideFX’s Luiz Kruel explores Houdini 16’s new Games Shelf Tools. Topics include: – Learn how to create simple source scenes for cloth, rigid body breakables, pyro/fires/water and sprites – Understand how the Vertex Animation Tool works and how to export theRead More →

//NOTE: there have been several updates and bug fixes to the ocean tools since the Gold release of Houdini. Please use the latest daily build if possible to ensure you have the most recent version. Get Daily Build – – – – – – – – – – –Read More →

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